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FW: [CF] CarFree Mobility

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  • Scherer, Christopher
    Brett s last words. Chris ... From: Brett Breitwieser [mailto:brett@arizuma.us] Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:08 PM To: Scherer, Christopher Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      Brett's last words.

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      From: Brett Breitwieser [mailto:brett@...]
      Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:08 PM
      To: Scherer, Christopher
      Subject: RE: [CF] CarFree Mobility

      I really doubt anything I do or say is all that important...
      I'll leave you all to your "car-light" or "wannabe carfree someday" lifestyle...
      personally I find the term "carfree" demeaning, as though my lifestyle is still defined and has to be justified in terms of people who still have cars...
      I'm just going back into the woodwork and let the blind lead the blind ("into a ditch", as it says in the Gospel according to Thomas)...
      my congestive heart failure was literally "congestive"... came from holding back for twenty years and pretending to approve of the actions of those around me... as soon as I started actually exercising and moving under my own power and crying out in protest all the symptoms of the congestive heart failure went away...
      stop screwing up the planet!!! stop killing the people in New Orleans!!!! Stop sending kids off to die to support your terrible gasoline addiction... GET RID OF YOU CAR!!!!!!!
      Brett Breitwieser (brett@...)
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      From: Scherer, Christopher
      Date: 09/01/05 12:33:56
      To: Brett Breitwieser
      Subject: RE: [CF] CarFree Mobility
      You obviously care about this but still don't see that you are pushing away more people than you are attracting.  What good is it if you and a few other people have 'radical' solutions?  Will you be any better off when billions of others don't live simply and you're still breathing polluted air and drinking polluted water?
      If you think for a minute that those millions of people in Africa, Latin America or rural China wouldn't buy a car if given the opportunity, you're mistaken.  What differentiates you from them is the fact that you care and they have no money or infrastructure for cars or trikkes, for that matter.  If they had either (or both), they would turn to cars or trikkes.  It (the use of cars) has happened all over the world and will continue unless we can find a way of changing that mentality and offering viable alternatives (without turning people away :)
      I agree that cars as transportation are not the right solution.  We're just trying to find alternatives and to get those others to take similar steps.  If, on balance, you turn away more people than you attract, can you really call yourself 'concerned' or 'green'?
      PS - You pretend to know so much about me.  Have we met?
      PPS - This is low, but what the heck.  Was there ever any mention of your temperament contributing to your congestive heart failure?  I sense you're yelling at me.
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      From: Brett Breitwieser [mailto:brett@...]
      Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 3:14 PM
      To: Scherer, Christopher
      Subject: RE: [CF] CarFree Mobility
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      From: Scherer, Christopher
      Date: 09/01/05 08:28:54
      To: CarFree@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [CF] CarFree Mobility
      Brett Breitwieser wrote:
      "Sorry, I thought this was a "carfree" list... I can see I am surrounded
      by a
      bunch of apologists for the car bound lifestyle..."
      "wrong!!!!!! Billions of peoples already live simply and have never
      owned a
      Damn isolationists! You really think your exorbitant lifestyle is the
      There you go with YOUR approach again.  I can see you're kind of
      frustrated.  You don't have to convince me that there is an issue or
      that cars are major contributors to many problems.  The question is how
      do we help everybody find a solution that will work?
      *My approach? just stop driving. get rid of your car. proceed forward from that zero-point...
      all the rest is rationalization...
      Which would you prefer?
      1) You and potentially 471 members of this list being carfree.
      2) Some fraction of the remaining 5 billion people on this planet
      contributing to a carlight (and, possibly, carfree - some day before the
      catastrophic breakdown) planet.
      *the "catastrophic breakdown" is already here... it's too late to avoid that... "my approach" has nothing to do with it...
      we are already bankrupt... like the ancient Mayans who made more and more blood sacrifices in order to fight off the inevitable end of their civilization, we are offering up our children to the god of war in a vain effort to fend off the inevitable end of our no longer viable petro-chemical based "civilization"...
      Your claim that billions of people are living simply is simply not true.
      When 'they' become exposed to increased opportunity and stuff, they too
      buy cars and pollute.  There are hundreds of articles confirming this
      fact in China and even India, where nearly half of the world population
      * yeh tell that to the millions in Africa, Latin America and rural China who don't own an automobile... and just because the urban Chinese are thrilled with their new found wealth and spending it in a misguided aping of our lifestyle, this is OK?
      You call me an isolationist, but I'm probably much closer to helping the
      situation than most people on the planet.  What do you know about my
      'exorbitant lifestyle' other than the fact that I've traveled?  Is it
      your intent to isolate me?  If so, it won't work.
      I'm still here.  I'm still listening and I will continue to curb my car
      usage, but I disagree with your approach for change (not your
      lifestyle).  I've lived in Phoenix and feel pretty confident that your
      eagerness to insult and offend is no more welcome there than anywhere
      else.  I also doubt it will change behavior on a large scale.
      *We'll see, already I have talked to over a hundred last month (up from what used to be only 10 a week) who are really curious about my weird vehicle and my carfree lifestyle...  just DO IT... it works! it's better! It's more fun!
      ?insult and offend? 1000's of people have just died, and many 100's of thousands of people been dispossesed of everything in their lives because of global warming... my few harsh words are nothing compared to the insult and injury being caused by polluting tailpipes...
      One last point, if you're so friendly to the environment, why is it that
      you live in Phoenix, where nearly all of the water is pushed for
      hundreds of miles from a reservoir that feeds off of the Colorado
      Rockies?  Having grown up in Tucson and lived in Glendale, I know how
      dry those cities are.  Wasn't it you that said, "nature has already
      stepped in and made her statement emphatically"?  Maybe you should move
      north and live near a lake or stream.
      *These gravity fed canals have done quite well for a thousand years and would work quite well for even longer if we would stop heating up the atmosphere with pollutants. I am not a neo-ludite by any stretch, but when a technology is inappropriate, it is time to move on... the gas-powered automobile is an inappropriate technology, it's time to move on, or rather it was time to move on 30 years ago...
      My point?  We all have skeletons in our closets and the world is too
      complex to simply take a holier-than-thou approach.  We need collective
      influence to make global change because (as you claim) Mother Nature
      will step in.
      *Mother Nature has already stepped in, it's far too late for the  band-aid approach to solutions...
      it's time for radical solutions for radical times....*
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