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RE: [CF] CarFree Mobility

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    Instead of accusing him of neurosis why not come up with feasible suggestions? Maybe car-pooling is a start to reduce numbers of vehicles and get people in the
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      Instead of accusing him of neurosis why not come up
      with feasible suggestions? Maybe car-pooling is a
      start to reduce numbers of vehicles and get people in
      the mindset of sharing and public transport and
      possibly thinking about whether we need out of town
      work and supermarkets.
      Not everyone can walk or cycle to where they need to
      go at the moment. They need some sort of motorised
      transport. Car-sharing is a start. Then increase PT
      and make it cheaper than using a car. Flexible working
      hours so the commute can spread out and people don't
      rush to work like lemmings. Community hospitals for
      local people not one big super-hospital in the centre
      of town.
      We'll still need some form of motorised transport I
      imagine even if everybody lived in a dense urban
      environment with plentiful PT. The food has to arrive
      somehow, farmers will need to live rurally.
      But the days of an individual cage on wheels will
      hopefully be over.
      People on various lists I'm on (american ones) are all
      moaning and complaining about gas prices (which are
      tiddly to be honest, given what the rest of the wrold
      pays and how much they paid for the SUV's to start
      with!) and some have actually said they will be
      cutting back on driving. Its a start. A crack
      hopefully in the car culture. But in order to get that
      crack wider there has to be alternatives to get about
      or a reduction in the need to get about and there will
      always be some who need more individual motorised
      transport (makebe elctric vehicles?)
      On the epilespy list I'm on I'd never preach car free
      to be honest. Many of those women have to lug round
      oxygen cylinders for ventilator dependant kids plus
      the vent equipment. But if people like that had access
      to electric vehicles that would be great.
      We've still got a great PT network here despite the
      Govt trying to mess it up. Hopefully they'll start
      investing in it and improving it. In Bristol they are
      planning to make one lane of the main dual
      carriageways into the city a bus/taxi/bicycle only
      lane. Cars will have to queue while PT users are
      wisked straight into town. I like that.


      --- Brett Breitwieser <brett@...> wrote:

      > I don't think there's any confusion at all, you are
      > advocating prolonging
      > the use of the car...
      > You are not a carfree advocate at all, but making
      > excuses to prolong the
      > whole neurosis...
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      > There seems to be some confusion about what
      > carFree mobility is.
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      Simple questions to answer, unless there s something to hide. Steve ... From: Chris Jordan To:
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        Simple questions to answer, unless there's something to hide.


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        > Oh Gee! Another discussion with Bill O'riley about where the
        > Red Cross money went? Comedy Hour 2005! ;-)
        > Chris Jordan
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        > >
        > > Snicker.
        > >
        > > You still haven't told us how much your salaries and other
        > overhead are, or
        > > what will happen with the $500,000 you intend to collect before
        > you start
        > > hiring taxis.
        > >
        > > Steve
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