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Seeking car-free/car-lite profiles for book

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  • Randy Ghent
    Hello everyone, I work at World Carfree Network in Prague and believe it or not just found out about this listserv. We have a short list of carfree listservs
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
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      Hello everyone,

      I work at World Carfree Network in Prague and believe it or not just found
      out about this listserv. We have a short list of carfree listservs at
      www.worldcarfree.net/listservs/. It would be great to have you there too.

      I am just wrapping up the writing of "Cutting Your Car Use," a practical
      pocket-sized book to be released in spring 2006 by New Society Publishers,
      based on the British book of the same title.

      The book will include a dozen "success story" profiles of car-free and
      car-lite individuals from the US and Canada. I have most of these already,
      but I'm looking for a child (who participates in a Walking School Bus or
      similar?) and an elderly person that could be profiled. I'm also missing
      people who tend to use a "transportation cocktail" rather than sticking to
      one preferred mode.

      If you are able to refer me to someone with an interesting story, that would
      be terrific. I would need approximately 300 words of text about the person
      by August 16 (the writing need not be polished; I will do that after). If
      selected, the person would get a free copy of the book.

      Please write to me OFF-LIST at rghent@....

      Thanks; I look forward to hearing from you,

      Randy Ghent

      PS - Below are a couple sample profiles that will appear in the book, to
      give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

      Emily Brewer and her husband live near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where
      the buses are free, all the time, every day. They own two cars, but chose
      their apartment because it's near a convenient bus route to the University
      of North Carolina, where Emily teaches and studies - and where parking is
      extremely limited. While she had never used public transit regularly before
      moving to town, Emily now only drives once every 3-4 weeks at most. She even
      takes the bus when going off-campus, even though driving is faster and
      parking is usually available. Why? Several years ago she developed asthma
      and allergies, and has become keenly aware of air pollution. "I can just
      'feel' it more than others," she says. "If I don't have to drive to get
      somewhere, I won't, in part because it would be contributing to an already
      tainted air supply." There's a social benefit, too. On the bus, Emily hears
      political commentary, mothers corralling their little ones, local youth
      recounting the day's events, and librarians discussing the comparative
      merits of working at the reference desk or in Interlibrary Loan. "I really
      feel like I know my community better for riding the bus," she says.

      Megan Wilson of Cleveland, Ohio, grew up borrowing her parents' cars, until
      she saved up the money to buy Grandma's '96 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight. Six
      months later, while the luxury "living room on wheels" was parked overnight,
      it was hit by a drunk driver. Megan considered this a blessing - and as a
      sign from her grandmother, who had died only two weeks before - that it was
      time to live the lifestyle she wished for. She took the insurance
      settlement, went on a South American vacation, fixed up her bicycle, bought
      a helmet, and hasn't looked back. Now she cycles everywhere, and sometimes
      takes advantage of the bike racks attached to the front of the city buses.
      Her co-workers call her "Superwoman" for her quick changes in the office
      restroom, from sweats into suit and heels in two minutes or less. She's lost
      a lot of weight, and for the first time in her life, she feels really,
      honestly strong. She now organizes a support group called Car-free in

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