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  • Karen Sandness
    CarFree@egroups.com wrote: ... [snip] ... Unfortunately, the Readers Digest would be one of the most difficult outlets for an article on car-free living. For
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
      CarFree@egroups.com wrote:
      > Message: 2
      > Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:00:17 EDT
      > From: StephenDPHosking@...
      > Subject: Re: Magazine - Try A2B magazine
      > Sorry if this topic has now died out but I'm still reading my mail from early
      > August.
      > Actually I agree with the suggestion that getting articles into newspapers
      > and Readers Digest is probably a lot more effective than a stand-alone new
      > magazine - the difficulty with a lot of 'specialist' magazines is that one is
      > preaching to the converted. Getting car-free living into mainstream media is
      > likely to be rather more difficult.
      Unfortunately, the Readers' Digest would be one of the most difficult
      outlets for an article on car-free living. For one thing, it's made up
      mostly of articles adapted from other publications. For another, the
      magazine has a noticeable and consistent conservative bias, at least in
      the United States, and its commissioned articles tend to be
      anti-environmentalist, anti-labor union, and anti-government anything
      (except, of course, the police and the military, which are mysteriously
      seen as not being part of the government).

      A better move would be to write opinion pieces for your local paper (or
      even Newsweek's readers' essay column), try to pitch an article to your
      local or regional "lifestyle" magazine (Sunset, Southern Living, etc.),
      or try to get a feature on your local TV news during a slow news period,
      when such stations tend to show "news" about kittens stuck in trees.

      But Readers Digest would be a long shot.

      In transit,
      Karen Sandness
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