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  • Gregory Konger
    Hi, I would like to introduce my profile to the group. 1. I own a car but use other forms of transport frequently. 2. I was carfree for about two years, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      Hi, I would like to introduce my profile to the group.

      1. I own a car but use other forms of transport frequently.

      2. I was carfree for about two years, but due to sprawl in our city, lack of transit, and the schedules I had to keep I was forced to get a car. I am looking into using a bicycle instead of a car, but my city of Fort Wayne isn't very cyclist or pedestrian friendly. So, I am sort of hesistant to ride a bicycle because of safety. Currently, I ride the bus to work and use the car for errands or to visit family. I would like to go car free again once the city makes it more convenient to do so.

      3. My decision to reduce my reliance on the automobile was based on the environment, stress of watching my speed, avoiding traffic violations, avoiding accidents, and the cost and labor of maintaining, owning, and fixing the car.

      4. When I gave up my car the first time, I went cold turkey. I didn't have a plan. Plus, I was all alone in my decision. Therefore, it was difficult.

      5. I live close to a bus stop, so getting to work is very convenient when using a bus. Car-sharing hasn't caught on yet in this city. The bus is the only public transportation there is in my city besides taxis. We don't have bike sharing either.

      6. What make it the most difficult is that I am the only one I know of who wants to go carfree in my city. Some people think there is something wrong with me when I don't own a car.

      7. No one I know of wants to get rid of their car, now or in the future. Some think I am crazy if I do so. However, some of them said if the city gives them a better alternative to the car, they will consider the alternative.

      8. The greatest advantages of being car-free is the amount of resources saved in costs and in the environment. I also would like to see a walkable city, so that I would get more exercise going to and from places. My health would be a lot better and I would not be considered sedentary.

      9. The disadvantage would be that I would have to go outside in inclement weather. If public transit could pick up people where they live without a wait, there would be no disadvantages.

      10. Yes, but they won't do it unless the city offers something more attractive to them.

      11. My city isn't congested with traffic very often, so taking the car is usually faster.

      12. I save a bundle by not having a car and I feel great burden lifted off of me when I don't own a car. However, my city is car friendly and sprawled out, so walking and biking are not as convenient. The bus does not operate every day and all of the time.

      13. My car was giving to me by my parents, so I only have maintenance and insurance costs. If I had to buy a car, I would choose not own one.

      14. I think we should get away from combustable machines all together. They are unclean and unsafe. Cars should be replaced with something less dangerous to the environment and ourselves, such as presonal rapid transit and/or walking. Between cities we could have high speed rail. The cities would have to be attracted enough to keep people from sprawling out into the rural areas, thus decreasing vehicle use and road construction and repair.

      15. When I was car-free, I felt healthier, and had a sense of accomplishment when I reached my destinations by foot. I would work up an appetite and natural food tasted better. The only problem I had with walking is walking with traffic. I was hit by a car twice when I was walking. Also, doing errands took all day since the city is so sprawled out. Lastly, I was all alone in my decision to walk instead of using the car.

      Gregory J. Konger

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