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9743Re: CarFree Elements

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  • Bijan Soleymani
    May 1, 2004
      "lsegnitz" <lsegnitz@...> writes:

      > Car-free: doesn't own a car, adament about never owning a car. Has
      > chosen a lifestyle that can be easily maintained on foot or bike.
      > Doesn't begrudge others' use of cars but will take exception to
      > abuses (boom cars, street racing). Might rent a car every few months.

      I think this is pretty close to how I live.

      > Anti-car: doesn't own a car, strongly encourages others not to buy
      > cars. Critical Mass participant at least, more likely the
      > organizer. If they move a little more to the left and they are
      > labelled "eco-terrorists".

      But this is closer to how I would categorize myself. I don't really do anything
      overtly anti-car (except I do ride in critical mass :). I won't tell someone
      not too buy a car. Nor will I really encourage them to bike. I don't feel
      that it's any of my business. Then why do I feel anti-car? Because in
      some sense I feel that my life is literally anti-car: the complete opposite
      of a car-dependant life. It's not just my life minus the car, or free of the
      car, it's full of other different stuff. Cycling seems like the most anti-car
      thing to me. Moving along on your own power at your own pace. And I enjoy it
      very much. I don't make tough choices to avoid owning a car, or depending on
      a car. I very much live the life I want, and that life isn't compatible with
      the automobile.

      Bijan Soleymani <bijan@...>
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