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9218Re: [CF] Re: the danger excuse: the fear is real

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  • Robert J. Matter
    Mar 1, 2004
      ensignaurora wrote:
      > Then if they see him biking, they may think he
      > is biking because something is preventing him from driving.

      This reminds me of the next town south of me. One of the few places the city installed bike racks downtown was... in front of an auto parts store. No racks were installed in front of a movie theatre or popular restaurant. I guess the thinking was people might need to cycle downtown to pick up a part for their car so they could get it running and then return downtown properly in a car for dinner and a movie.

      The city refuses to install additional bike racks in front of those locations, giving the excuse "If we gave them one, then everybody would want one." The city has no qualms about paving, plowing, and cleaning acres of free on-street and off-street downtown parking however.

      -Bob Matter
      Hammond, Indiana
      "Challenge classist assumptions about who uses public transit and bikes.
      Powerful forces want us to equate financial success with car ownership
      and usage. Bikes and public transit are often seen as a last resort for
      people who can’t afford a car, but in many cities, especially in other
      countries, all kinds of people choose to use alternatives to cars because
      it is the smart, healthy, cheap and easy thing to do." --Gin Kilgore
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