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8644Re: [CF] Surgery becomes popular option to battle obesity

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    Dec 1, 2003
      On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Robert J. Matter wrote:

      > http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/printedition/chi-0312010143dec01,1,5088752.story?coll=chi-printnews-hed
      > Surgery becomes popular option to battle obesity
      > Many say benefits are worth the risks

      Well, you all know what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway. You
      want to join me? Our culture is mentally ill.

      > By the tens of thousands, morbidly obese people who have failed at
      > diets, support groups and exercise programs are turning to surgery to
      > lose weight.

      Well, let's examine that, shall we? Diets...short term change in eating
      habits, usually some bizarre/unhealthy combination of foods that leave the
      dieter feeling deprived so that he/she can't wait to go off it and binge,
      gaining all the weight back and more. Exercise programs...programs...
      never making exercise just a part of daily life, but a "program."
      Probably involves driving the car to the gym three times a week, but gosh,
      there just isn't time, is there?

      Both diets and exercise programs are doomed to failure by their very
      nature. To be healthy *at any weight* people need to eat healthy food and
      exercise as part of their daily lives. Not just for the short term. They
      need to incorporate both of these things into their lives, for the rest of
      their lives. If they are overweight when they start, they will lose
      weight. At some point, their weight will stabilize. But it's important
      to remember, everyone needs to do these things to be healthy at any

      > The operation involves using staples or stitches to close off part of the stomach to form a pouch about the size of an egg, which limits how much food the person can eat. A part of the small intestine also is bypassed to reduce nutrient absorption.

      That is absolutely disgusting. It's taking a body that is functional and
      making it non-functional. It's barbaric. It should be illegal.

      > Surgery is not used to treat minor obesity. Candidates must be 100 pounds above their ideal body weight and have failed at other attempts at weight loss.

      I've lost 90 pounds from bike commuting, becoming a vegetarian, quitting
      drinking pop, and stopping eating in restaurants. I didn't even do any of
      those in an effort to lose weight. So, I lost 90 pounds without even
      trying. I'm still more than 10 pounds above my ideal body weight,
      whatever the hell that is. I probably could've found some butcher willing
      to take my money and mutilate me. Geez, people are so convinced they
      can't possibly lose weight without spending some huge amount of money on
      some surgery or drug or program. There's just no common sense.

      > "I don't think you see all the pain involved," he said. "You eat half an English muffin and you throw up. You have to be ready to abandon the way that you've lived with food for the rest of your life."

      And that is the problem with the surgery. How is a person supposed to get
      all the nutrients they need in the tiny amount of food they can eat after
      the surgery? Their bodies are now non-functional. Yes, they'll eat less
      than before, but THAT much less? That's not enough to function! Well,
      their body will burn the excess fat, you say, but they still need other
      nutrients. It seems like they would be too weak to exercise, so that
      wouldn't be an option for them. And after their bodies have gone through
      all the excess fat, then what? They can still only eat less than you'd
      feed your cat?

      I just can't even put into words how repulsive this is to me.

      Riin Gill
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      University of Michigan
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