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8266RE: [CF] If You Recycle, It's Peachy Fine To Otherwise Kill The P lanet

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  • Lenard Segnitz
    Oct 1, 2003
      >Some people and activities pollute more than others. I think that
      >Hummers are a symbol of the worst. Vandalize away!

      I should have mentioned a somewhat less morally reprehensible way to make your SUV displeasure known. Try bumper stickers, namely the "I'm changing the climate" stickers http://www.changingtheclimate.com/. Instructions on applying and removing the stickers are included on the site.

      I feel the bumper stickers don't go far enough. The campaign only targets SUVs and only one facet of the wrong that SUV driving causes. A bumper stickers campaign should target all internal combustion vehicles with "I'm changing the climate and sending soldiers to die and kill foreigners in another country".

      Lenard Segnitz
      Kamloops, BC

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