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8265RE: [CF] If You Recycle, It's Peachy Fine To Otherwise Kill The P lanet

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  • David Hansen
    Oct 1, 2003
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      On 1 Oct 2003 at 8:59, Fitzsimmons, Diane wrote:

      > I would say I am pretty much a pacifist -- I don't like to say never about
      > anything, but it has been my experience that most of the bad done in the
      > world is often done as a response to some other perceived bad done.

      I think there is a very big difference between fighting to defend
      something; family, country or whatever and taking part in a colonial
      war to grab some assets. Most people will do the former if they feel
      they are in a corner, perhaps because few are saintly enough to do

      Being prepared to take part in a colonial war to seize something is a
      different matter. I note the lies told by the UK and especially the US
      government and also their failure to correct misinformation. Thus many
      of those who invaded Iraq appeared to sincerely believe that they were
      defending their country against aggression. Mass deception on this
      scale is very disturbing.

      > It is not OK to drive a Hummer. It is not OK to vandalize. (Besides the
      > moral ramifications, I feel it is an ineffective protest unless one is
      > willing to vandalize every such vehicle in your community.)

      It is also likely to stiffen the resolve of those driving such cars.

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