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8263RE: [CF] If You Recycle, It's Peachy Fine To Otherwise Kill The P lanet

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  • Fitzsimmons, Diane
    Oct 1, 2003
      I would say I am pretty much a pacifist -- I don't like to say never about
      anything, but it has been my experience that most of the bad done in the
      world is often done as a response to some other perceived bad done. I am
      opposed to capital punishment. These feelings are based on my religion, in
      which I am instructed -- temple tantrum not withstanding -- to love my
      neighbor in the example of the Good Samaritan and to turn the other cheek.

      When the war on Iraq was pending, I hung a sign on my window which is still
      there: War Is Not the Answer. My window was egged. I am not sure if the
      vandal was making a statement about my sign or if it was just youthful
      hijinks. But I didn't like being vandalized, and it did not convince me to
      take down my sign. Indeed, it made me that just more adamant to hang it
      there. And it is still there.

      My 14yo son has had a bicycle stolen from our front porch while he came
      inside to use the bathroom. It was an expensive, well-built bike, intended
      to last through several years of commuting to junior high and high school.
      One acquaintance on a progressive-minded list-serv suggested that our bike
      was stolen because the thief needed it and that is the price we must be
      willing to pay for our conspicuous consumption.

      It is not OK to drive a Hummer. It is not OK to vandalize. (Besides the
      moral ramifications, I feel it is an ineffective protest unless one is
      willing to vandalize every such vehicle in your community.)

      I think being willing to respond to an injustice with violence puts me in
      the same philosophical camp as those who shoot abortion doctors, pilot
      passenger planes into buildings and bomb countries out of a hidden agenda
      for oil.

      Diane Fitzsimmons
      Norman, Okla.
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