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  • De Clarke
    Jan 1, 2003
      > >

      > It seems that governments have considerable leeway in determining what
      forms of mobility and access they choose to facilitate and encourage.
      It has to be up to us and other pedestrian advocates to see that any
      pro-pedestrian laws and regulations are enforced, and that better laws
      and regulations are enacted.

      somehow in the back of my mind is a lurking sense of irony... that we often
      have to resort to ADA arguments to justify the provision of accessible,
      decent-quality sidewalks. I have no problem with ADA regs, I think wheelchair
      folks (or folks on crutches, etc) have a right to move about freely like anyone
      else... but there's something darkly ironic about it all, that I find hard
      to put clearly into words.

      one prong of the irony is that ordinary walking, which is healthy and strengthening
      (for the community as well as the individual walker) can in some cities and
      boroughs only be promoted and protected by invoking legislation intended to
      ensure the rights of disabled people...

      perhaps another prong is that quite a few disabled people are disabled by
      or because of cars and the car-centric culture. plenty of people in wheelchairs
      lost their limbs or had their spines damaged in car crashes. not a majority,
      I suspect, and some are temporarily disabled (during rehab and recovery) rather
      than permanently. but it's a fair number. and then we have to fight the car
      lobby for a measly, grudging slice of the funding pie to make our cities
      accessible to all, including those whose lives and bodies have been damaged
      by cars.


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