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590Re: Shower at workplace

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  • Pedalers Express
    Feb 20, 2000
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      I'm in a similar situation. I run a small one-man cargo bicycle courier
      service here in Chapel Hill / Carrboro, NC, and I'm planning on renting
      some office space in a planned business incubator (cheap rent, shared
      facilities, business support) in the fall. The building is not built yet
      and I requested a shower in one of the bathrooms and got some initial
      positive feedback only to be told this last week that it couldn't happen.
      It sure would have helped me through these Carolina summers. And I know
      others would appreciate it as well. I'm not sure how much to push it at
      this point. I just wish it was standard practice.

      I am on a newly formed Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board for the town
      and we are starting to develop our list of criteria for the various
      development plans we will be reviewing. I think showers in larger
      employment centers will be part of our recommendations. Is there any
      similar group in your town? This is the only thought I now have on how to
      get this kind of thing done. My other thought for your situation is to
      try to get some other employees on board with you, even if they won't be
      bike commuters. Power in numbers kind of thing. . .

      Good luck, and let me know if you get any good advice.


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