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585Re: Shower at workplace

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  • Peter Saint James
    Feb 19, 2000
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      >This request was initially greeted with enthusiasm, but the building
      >owners have suggested to our operations manager that we would require
      >changing and locker rooms if the shower were placed in the building. Our
      >operations manager has since decided that in no way can we have a shower
      >stall in our facility. It has suddenly become a very tense subject, with
      >very blunt "No shower!" and "There is ample vehicle parking space" replies
      >to any questions I ask.
      >The questions I have are:
      >-Am I just wasting my breath? Is this a reasonable request?

      Yes, it is reasonable.

      If I were in your situation, I would look for the situation in other
      cities where such facilities are required. In Portland, Oregon, USA, if
      such facilities are not required by code they are strongly encouraged. You
      might inquire of the Bureau of Buildings in Portland and see what their
      experience and specs are.

      You might also check with building inspection people in your city.
      If they do not require this now, they might in the future. They should be
      thinking about it. See what they have to say. You might come up with
      information that may tell your company that it is cheaper to do this now
      than in the future.

      You might also impress on them that within a few years, many, many
      more people could well be biking to work. We should encounter a major gas
      crisis within a few years that one US energy official descibed as making
      those of the 1970s look "trivial by comparison." This is one way the
      company can prepare in advance very economically and perhaps make it through
      such a crisis more easily.

      In short, your proposal is looking toward their future. Their ideas
      are looking at the past. Make it look good to them for reasons that they value.

      Peter Saint James
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