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561Re: Shower at workplace

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  • Malcolm.Parry@durham.ac.uk
    Feb 18 7:58 AM
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      Dear Corey

      CAn you pull the "how much does it cost to provide a parking
      space for the car I won't use?" line? In the UK, these are costed at
      $3000 each. Otherwise, health and safety - what if you get
      contaminated at work? Last resort - do pull rank - it is sometimes
      the only way and what is a heirarchical system for...

      Good luck - I failed here in the UK to get a shower in ou new
      building so I take the train to work with the bike and ride home.

      Malcolm Parry

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      Subject: [CarFree] Shower at workplace

      > From: Corey Dyck <corey_dyck@...>
      > Hi, sorry about the crosspost, but I figured there would be no better way
      > to get a lot of info and opinions than to involve a number of parties.
      > I've been a lurker on these three lists (chainguard, car-free, and
      > commute-logistics) for a while now, and I figure you can help me out in my
      > situation.
      > I'm a production engineer for a small (20 employees) medical manufacturing
      > company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently, I'm in the process of
      > setting the details for our new 5000 square foot production facility in
      > the south end of the city. I, being a regular bike commuter, have made a
      > request for a single shower to be put in one of the two stand-alone
      > bathrooms.
      > This request was initially greeted with enthusiasm, but the building
      > owners have suggested to our operations manager that we would require
      > changing and locker rooms if the shower were placed in the building. Our
      > operations manager has since decided that in no way can we have a shower
      > stall in our facility. It has suddenly become a very tense subject, with
      > very blunt "No shower!" and "There is ample vehicle parking space" replies
      > to any questions I ask.
      > The questions I have are:
      > -Am I just wasting my breath? Is this a reasonable request?
      > -Is there any way I can convince him that a shower will be beneficial to
      > all employees? He is a cyclist himself, but definitely not a
      > transportational cyclist (new term?).
      > -What arguments (building standards, common trends among other companies)
      > can I utilize to promote this addition? We have yet to build the
      > bathrooms and pour the cement, so it will be very easy to modify the plans
      > at this point. It will be difficult and expensive to add later.
      > -The V.P. of the company thinks it is a great idea to put a shower in our
      > facility, but I don't want to pull rank on anybody. Would it be
      > reasonable to get him to step in? He is not moving with us,
      > unfortunately.
      > Some other random background info that might help;
      > -we use various glues in small amounts, enough to require two eyewash
      > stations
      > -there is a paint spraying process that one worker is exposed to
      > -I am currently the only cyclist riding to work (and the first for this
      > company)
      > -my commute would be approximately 11 km (7 miles)
      > -there is bus service (approx. 1-hour ride, sporadic service) with a
      > fifteen minute walk
      > -I'm usually working in an office setting
      > -the president is a physiotherapist who would probably encourage employees
      > riding to work (same pulling rank problem?)
      > Do you have any suggestions for dealing with this situation? Has anyone
      > you know gone through this same process?
      > Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,
      > Corey Dyck
      > corey_dyck@...
      > Desperately trying to stay car-free in Winnipeg, MB
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