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5227[CF] Re: Air Conditioning, Cars, and livable places

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  • John Snyder
    Jun 4, 2002
      > Perhaps "Their share" was a poor choice of words. My comments were
      > directed at the original poster's implication that the people of the
      > south waste energy through the use of air conditioning, without
      > his considering equivalent energy use for heating.

      Dave I think you've read something into my first post on
      the subject that was not there. Though I think I can
      understand why that may have happened.

      The southern parts of the US were only able to become
      industrialized (AKA urban and suburbanized) with the
      advent of air conditioning and automobiles. My second post
      on the subject (with ref to
      ftp://ftp.eia.doe.gov/pub/state.data/html/rank10.htm )
      shows the actual distribution of where the most consumption
      of energy occurs, primarily sunny Texas. Alaska has the highest
      per capita consumption which might attributed, as you suggested,
      to heating requirements of a cold climate and to the long distances
      traveled by automobile between distant communities. Yet Alaska has a
      small population thus it's not amoung the the areas that
      collectively use the most energy.

      Without AC and autos people who lived in warm climates
      would cope using Earth friendly methods much like Ken
      described. But with the advent of AC and autos a great
      but somewhat silent migration occurred in the US. What
      was once a farmer's verdant field or biological diverse
      swamp has now in many places become a lifeless
      micro-climate-changing parking lot.

      John Snyder
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