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5223[CF] Re: Air Conditioning, Cars, and livable places

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  • smoky_johnson
    Jun 4, 2002
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      Perhaps "Their share" was a poor choice of words. My comments were
      directed at the original poster's implication that the people of the
      south waste energy through the use of air conditioning, without
      his considering equivalent energy use for heating. In my view, both
      uses are equally defensible (or indefensible) uses of energy. Just
      because the technology for heating has been around longer doesn't
      give it any particular priority.


      --- In CarFree@y..., Jym Dyer <jym@e...> wrote:
      > > For many years, all that climate control energy was consumed
      > > in the north, and now the south is using their share too.
      > =v= I have to say, this stance troubles me. "Their share"
      > suggests that wasting energy is okay if someone else does it
      > first. By this reasoning, we should heat Siberia and install
      > A/C all throughout the tropics, so they get "their share" too.
      > <_Jym_>
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