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5211Re: [CF] Re: Air Conditioning, Cars, and livable places

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  • Ronald Hands
    Jun 3, 2002
      "greenjeans43606" wrote:

      > What I don't understand is how a city like Las Vegas can exist, and
      > yet it still is the fastest growing city in the US today! Since
      > they're right in the middle of the desert, how much water do they
      > need to bring in each day just to keep things from drying up?

      James Howard Kunstler has a chapter on Las Vegas in his latest book,
      The City in Mind. It's not, to put it mildly, his favorite city.
      He calls it "ridiculous and dysfunctional". "They say that Antarctica
      is the worst place on earth, but I believe that distinction belongs to
      Las Vegas, hands down."
      Las Vegas uses 325 gallons of water per person per day -- a
      consumption level greater than that of any other city in the world.
      Kunstler says the city will reach the absolute limit on its water
      supplies between 2007 and 2013. He explains where the water comes from
      now, and the increasingly desperate search for new supplies.
      It's a fascinating chapter in a deeply-absorbing book, which also has
      chapters on two other U.S. cities: Atlanta -- "one big-ass parking lot
      under a toxic pall"; and Boston -- a city with "clear, bright prospects
      for the future"; "my own prediction is that Boston will be America's
      most habitable big city in the first quarter of the new century."

      -- Ron
      Hamilton, ON
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