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5203RE: [CF] Air Conditioning, Cars, and livable places

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  • Michel Gagnon
    Jun 2, 2002
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      > -----Message d'origine-----
      > De : John Snyder >
      > It's a topic that comes up every year about this time in
      > North American, how can bicyclists and pedestrians cope
      > with the heat? Traditional wisdom is to stay away
      > from extreme climates or reduce one's physical activity
      > to the coolest parts of a day if the temperature proves
      > hostile. .....

      Most places are liveable, albeit with adaptations. Just like one needs to
      dress appropriately for Winter conditions, one also needs to dress
      appropriately for hot conditions, and to adapt one's schedule and rythm of
      work according to the type of conditions: hot and dry, hot and humid...

      As a result of our massive migrations and of the use of air-conditioning
      everywhere, our society has lost most of its skills to acclimatize to warm
      environment, so the few times people need to be outside working in the sun,
      they aren't prepared to do so. I haven't been South too much lately, but it
      struck me that while agricultural workers and people living in the bayous
      wear long, loose fitting trousers and shirts, while car-bound people either
      wear a full 3-piece suit (at work), a heavy sweater (at home on free days),
      or shorts and T-shirts (on holidays, while still using their AC car).

      Up North, I notice some of the same regarding Winter clothing. Looking at
      people on the street, it's easy to know who travelled by car from garage to
      garage, who walked, used transit or cycled.


      Michel Gagnon -- Montréal (Québec, Canada)
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