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5202Re: Air Conditioning, Cars, and livable places

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  • smoky_johnson
    Jun 2, 2002
      Contrived environments? High energy consumption? Aren't you
      forgetting about the emormous amounts of energy consumed to heat
      homes and businesses in northern winters? It's my experience that
      the energy consumed to air condition buildings in the southern
      summers is less than the energy consumed to heat equivalent buildings
      in the northern winters. For many years, all that climate control
      energy was consumed in the north, and now the south is using their
      share too. Now the automobile is a different matter.

      --- In CarFree@y..., John Snyder <JCSnyder.studio@w...> wrote:
      > .........................
      > Several sources reaffirm that the recent inventions
      > of the automobile and air conditioning resulted in
      > people having moved into regions previously
      > not fit to support large populations year round.
      > The late 20th Century migrations to the Sun Belts
      > represent a larger scale version of suburbs. Both
      > are contrived environments only made possible
      > by high energy consumming products.
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