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4974[CF] Re: citizen's arrest? suv tickets project

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  • ensignaurora
    May 1 12:00 AM
      --- In CarFree@y..., De Clarke <de@u...> wrote:
      > umm, kinda like your feeling that everyone has to do their political
      > activism *your* way, and no other way could possibly work?
      > <grin>
      > de

      Not quite. I will admit that I did break the primary rule with talking
      down their way. I didn't offer an alternate way, solution to the
      matter at hand.

      But as said, there you go.

      ("Yeah, but Sarge, what's your point?"--Senior ATC
      "PO-INT? I'VE GOT NO POINT!"--The Sarge, (wtte), Airplane)
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