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4701Join the International Exhibition of Environmental Art Work!

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  • Tunas Hijau Club
    Apr 2, 2002
      Dear Friends of the environment,

      Please join the initiative of our organization, the
      Tunas Hijau Club, in Surabaya of Indonesia.
      We are going to organise an International Exhibition
      of Environmental Art Work and we are calling for your
      help to provide some exhibits for the exhibition.
      Exhibition of environmental art work from other
      The art work could be t-shirt, magazine, poster,
      rubbish bag, mural, news paper, stickers, post card,
      pin, cap, tool kit, environmental movie, etc.
      Please support this event and send in your art work to
      the Tunas Hijau Club.
      Here I send you the details.
      Thanks for your support and assistance.

      President of Tunas Hijau Club

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