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3768Re: [CF] Cabs an alternative?

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  • De Clarke
    Dec 2, 2001
      Jym Dyer (jym@...) wrote:
      > =v= If, like me, your goal is to be car-free for ecological
      > reasons, then cabs bring up issues. I live in a city where cabs
      > aren't that popular, so a cab ride usually means somebody would
      > have to drive a few miles just to get to me, and drive a few
      > miles more from my dropoff point to the next fare. Most taxis
      > are gas-guzzlers, and they're just getting bigger and bigger.

      it used to be that independent cabbies drove all kinds of individual
      vehicles in the UK and even in the US. I can remember getting taxi
      rides in a Mini, a Hyundai, etc.

      but the big cab companies seem to impose a "standard vehicle" which
      is always the Giant Oversprung American Sedan. the only real
      eco-advantage I can see over the private auto is that at least
      the taxi's engine is almost always warmed up... this is not a
      small advantage when it comes to emissions; a cold auto engine
      is very inefficient, spews unburnt fuel out the tail pipe, and
      generally emits many times more pollutants per mile than a
      warmed-up engine.

      > =v= I try to keep my cab use to a bare minimum.

      moi aussi, but using one now and then I think is a WAY smaller
      impact than owning a car... they do say just in being manufactured
      a car emits 1/3 of all the greenhouse gases it will emit during its
      entire existence; so for one manufactured car to serve N people
      instead of 1 person is a big win (at least on the greenhouse
      front). convenient cab service could potentially reduce the ratio
      of cars to people, and that's worth something, no? OTOH cab
      drivers are "on the clock" and are often accused of driving
      dangerously and being more of a hazard to peds and bikes even
      than non-professional drivers.


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