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3340Re: getting around in snow

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  • John Snyder
    Oct 3, 2001
      Jason wrote:

      > very cool, I wonder if they have something like that here. do you > have a
      > list of participating cities? Is it one organized effort or simply
      > different citties trying the same general thing?

      As far as I know the free bikes programs are always
      implimented on the local level. In our town I believe
      the Kiawanis club got the idea rolling to start with. It's
      likely something that has to be tailor fit to each
      community's attitudes and unique quirks.

      Here's a web page for a similar project in Missoula, Montana.

      Ah, neat! Here's a better page, discussing bike sharing
      in different parts of the world. It includes a bunch of links
      at the bottom. http://www.ibike.org/freebike.htm

      John Snyder
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