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3322Re: getting around in snow

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  • John Snyder
    Oct 3, 2001
      Folder Pete wrote:

      > But then I imagine its possible to pull an old Schwinn out of the creek,
      > repatch, repatch, and scavenge bike parts for the "non-buttery-smooth ride".
      > Is this the equivalent of the no-cost jalopy?

      That's a great option. I'd suggest though that "the
      butter gets churned to perfection" more by what mechanic
      does than the cost or source of the parts. Scavenged
      components can be tweaked with a dash of love and
      thought to enhance their performance.

      My wife has the unexplainable talent of being able to walk
      into a second hand shop or garage sale then spot a five-dollar
      bicycle in near show room condition. It's obviously some sort
      of magical ability because I've never had the same sort of
      luck when out hunting for parts. :)

      There is another route open for some.

      My home town and a few other communities around the world have
      begun Free Bikes programs, sponsored by one of the service
      clubs in conjunction with the citys' police department.

      Unclaimed stolen bicycles, or even donated ones, are refurbished
      if needed to working condition by volunteers. Temporary ownership
      of a bike is then transfered to anyone who asks for it. The
      only stipulation being that the vehicle be eventually
      returned. Custody can be a matter of hours or decades, depending
      on each individual's situation. If the cycle breaks down, it can
      go back the police station or service club to trade in for another
      one or get fixed. This tact seems to be running more smoothly than
      the previous Yellow Bikes program* which was plagued to extinction
      with vandalism. Evolution!

      The idea sure puts a nice new twist on the slogan, "to serve
      and to protect."


      John Snyder

      (* The Yellow bikes concept was born several years ago in
      Holland. Community-shared bicycles set out at random, allowed
      anyone lucky enough to find a yellow-painted bicycle in
      operating condition to pedal from one point to another.)
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