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3279RE: [CarFree] getting around in snow

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  • John Snyder
    Oct 2, 2001
      Bill wrote:

      > A $500 to $1000 used car is bound to have major repair needs over a 7 year
      > period. Heck even a $10,000 Shiny Lease Turn In might need $1000's of
      > repairs over 7 years.

      That is true.

      As you figured the market does produce inexpensive used
      cars in Central Montana relative to other places in the US
      with higher average wages. Some folks can and do treat used
      cars like they do paper plates. If the $500 automobile conks
      out, instead of spending $1,000 in repairs or parts they
      scrape enough together for another $500 car. In context,
      this practice translates into reduced incentives to explore
      overall lower-cost alternatives which require a higher intial

      > I also believe, and I'm sure to get flamed for this, that if you had ANY
      > real volume in the velomobile business .... something akin to a Lietra would
      > sell for $999.95.

      No heat from this corner. The infamous IMHO asserts, there's room,
      and a strong need, for a wide range of prices on multi-track
      HPVs just as now exists with upright bicycles.

      Volume will be one of the keys towards more affordable velomobiles
      becoming a reality some day. Preceptions are another.

      As an example, the Worksman standard single-speed Industrial trike
      which is welded together in NYC, _retails_ for $250. Their "recumbent"
      version, highly similar in manufacture, retails for $729.
      http://www/highwheel.com or http://www.worksman.com Worksman is a
      large firm. They can buy raw materials in volume, which is reflected
      in the end pricing. However, we customers go looking for ideas,
      emotions, and attitudes, as much as we do tangible items -- maybe
      more so.


      John Snyder
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