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3269Re: [CarFree] getting around in snow

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  • Mark Jaroski
    Oct 1, 2001
      michelle@... wrote:
      > I have just moved to a small town in Illinois, with no bus service
      > on Sundays. I will occasionally need to travel approx. 7 miles
      > (each way), and winter is just around the corner...
      > Any suggestions on a good carfree way to travel that distance in
      > snow? (Also with having to carry a backpack or musical
      > instrument on my back)?

      I have to ask how far north or south in Illinois? It makes
      a big big difference.

      In Southern Ill. you'll hardly ever have to deal with
      significant snow, but will instead have ice on the road,
      which can be very dangerous.

      In the north you'll be riding through snow which actually
      makes very nice surface to ride on.

      Either way your main problem is not the road surface, but
      the wind. If you are in an open area with few buildings or
      trees you will need a ski mask, or better a head stocking
      (availible at most bike shops) which fits under your helmet.
      If you wear glasses try to come up with an arraingment that
      keeps your breath from fogging them. It can be done, but I
      don't really know how to explain it.

      I used to wear an extreme arctic wear parka durning January
      and February, but I'd find myself opening the front a bit to
      let some of the cold air in after riding a quarter mile or
      so. Still, it's good to have if you wind up walking a bit
      after parking the bike.

      Get *several* pair of good gloves. You don't want to be
      stuck without them if you misplace one.


      -- mark at geekhive dot net
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