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2981Re: [CarFree] Living car-free in Mexico

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  • Jym Dyer
    Aug 7, 2001
      > Buses still require roads to be sure but they wouldn't have to
      > be as large if traffic was reduced by concentrating it into a
      > few larger vehicles.

      =v= That "if" is the crux. The only reason buses are economical
      is the existence of heavily-subsidized car-based transportation
      infrastructure. The relationship is symbiotic. And if the goal
      is to concentrate transportation into a few larger vehicles, it
      makes more sense to use comfortable, energy-efficent vehicles,
      which means rail.

      > I don't see buses as a replacement for rail. Rail is
      > increddibly in-efficent for short journeys.

      =v= For short journeys, rail is comparable with buses in terms
      of energy used, but much better in terms of emissions. (This
      according to Marcia Lowe of the Worldwatch Institute.)

      > Yeah, as I mentioned before buses are percieved as a poor
      > persons transport. Too bad. Hopefully that impression can be
      > changed.

      =v= It's not just perception, it's policy. I grew up in a blue-
      collar neighborhood that was once middle-class. They marked the
      transition by tearing out the tracks and putting in bus service.
      Most buses are so uncomfortable that people will use other means
      of getting around, unless they can't afford to.
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