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2942Living car-free in Mexico

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  • Sharon Flesher
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Hello all,

      I'm in the beginning stages of my research on transportation in Latin
      America, and I've received the following response to a query about living
      car-free in Mexico:

      <<Interesting question. I live in the Lake Chapala area. You can get a but
      at most hours going almost anywhere. This includes local or long distance.
      the bus service in Mexico is reliable and inexpensive. For long distance
      there is regular service, first class, and an executive class. the more
      expensive busses have attendents, movies, and restrooms. All the latest
      equipment. Nothing like a bus in the states. Local busses are just fine and
      the service is frequent. Cabs are also cheap. In Guadalahara, you can go
      almost anywhere in the downtown area for $25 pesos (less than $3USD).

      : Yes, you can live just fine without a car. The only problem is getting a
      cab late in the evening in rural areas. >>

      How fascinating. Why is it that the citizens of Mexico, allegedly a
      less-developed country than the U.S., have public transportation vastly
      superior to just about any location north of the border?

      Sharon Flesher
      CarSharing Traverse, Inc.
      Traverse City, Mich.
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