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2325Re: [CarFree] "I'm an instructor in our local cyclists' club and we teach . . "

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  • Lauren Cooper
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Eric wrote:
      <<< the presumption all too often is what is needed to
      making cycling safe and effective is hardware (paths, bike racks, etc.) and
      certainly not software (training, education, culture). And of course they
      are fatally wrong ...
      On Earth Car Free Day we would like to see if we can get this message out,
      and for that we need to have access to some sort of "kit" to guide people
      this. ... I wonder if someone who is right in the middle of this might
      possibly take a few hours and create specifically an outline and guide for
      1-3 hour 'cycling initiation workshop' that people with a heart, head and
      good strong legs might be able to use in their communities to either start
      or support ongoing educational efforts and programs along these lines. A
      curriculum of sorts. And I imagine that anything along these lines could be
      made rich with references and supporting materials from other cyclist sites
      and program on the Web.

      Eric, I'm not quite sure what you're looking for. It sounds like you're
      looking for an "activist guide" for activists, who then implement projects
      in their communities? Actually teaching safe cycling is far more difficult
      and complex than a few hours of instruction could cover.

      I have a fairly simple Public Awareness campaign that I've done here, and
      it refers people to sources for detailed info. Will that help?

      Thank you for your time and consideration.
      And thank you for bicycling!
      Lauren Cooper, CycleMedia
      Transportation Cycling
      Educational Advertising
      Charlottesville, Virginia
      Life Is BETTER On A Bicycle!

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