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223Finally, offcially car free

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  • jdsingleton
    Dec 1, 1999
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      <NOTE: This message may be a duplicate, as ELN's mail services have
      been acting up. If it is a dupe, I apologize.>

      As of 0740 this morning, I am finally, officially car free. The tow
      truck took my car away this morning. (I donated it to charity, rather
      than deal with the hassle of selling it.)

      I had put less than 75 miles on it in the last 11-1/2 months, but I
      think knowing it was there was a bit of a psychological crutch. Even
      though I would automatically determine if walking, biking, or public
      transportation was the easiest way to get somewhere, it was always
      there as an alternative. No longer.

      Jim Singleton
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