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2172Re: [CarFree] good health care? good cars?

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  • Ed Beighe
    Mar 6, 2001
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      oh goodness -- don't get me started about health insurance :-(
      the *individual* health insurance market in the US is a mess, except for
      healthy people -- where its merely very expensive.
      It's also a patchwork of state law, often with confounding results -- check
      out this article for an eye-opening brief backgrounder:

      Not sure if I could weave this into a carfree discussion...
      The federal government sort of washed their hands of their role in this
      awhile ago. They coerce, um, encourage larger employers to offer group
      coverage. There was some relatively recent legislation (HIPAA) that allows
      employees some level of guaranteed portability when leaving one group for
      another. This seems to pacify the masses.
      Much like the masses seem to be pacified by their cars and plenty of
      highways :-)

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      From: Bill Volk
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      Question: What do the following numbers represent?

      1400 12

      Answer: I spend $1400 every month for my family's health plan ... because
      I'm self employed and because 2 members of my family had recent minor

      OH CANADA! (I live in the USA, but it's tempting).

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