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19980Re: [CF] New Apple HQ to "Render Cars Invisible"

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  • simonphillipsnorton
    Mar 13, 2014
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      Well there's no reason why public buses (i.e. those available for all to
      use, whether or not they are owned by private or public companies -- the
      former being almost universal in the UK) can't have wifi (in my area,
      Cambridge, most of the longer distance routes do), and it would surely be
      to the benefit of Apple if they sponsor better bus services, with wifi for
      owners of Apple and other computers to use as they ride.

      Mind you some Cambridge workplaces do have private commuter buses, which
      tend to be hired out from the same operators. I have no idea whether or not
      they have wifi. I believe that they could be consolidated into public
      routes which by serving multiple destinations and accepting the general
      public could offer a more frequent service for all.

      Simon Norton
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