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19979Re: [CF] New Apple HQ to "Render Cars Invisible"

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  • Jym Dyer
    Mar 13, 2014
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      > Are there any plans to improve the bus service when the
      > office is opened ?

      =v= I haven't heard of any.

      =v= There's a controversy underway about tech companies in the
      region with private bus fleets. These are large luxury buses
      with wifi so people can work on their way into work. :^\ The
      most visible one is the Google Bus, which would be the best
      search term if you're looking for news about this. My favorite
      article is this one by Jason Henderson:


      =v= Part of the controversy involves skyrocketing rents and thus
      displacement by gentrification in San Francisco, another part is
      that these private fleets are using the public transit systems'
      bus stops. (They also park in bike lanes, but for some reason
      the bike coalition hasn't made an isse of that.)

      =v= Stamen Design sent bike messengers with GPS to follow the
      buses around San Francisco and mapped out their routes:


      Here's a more recent story, tallying up the number to times an
      Apple Bus passes one residence:


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