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19976pedestrian unfriendly cities

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  • Simon Norton
    Feb 14, 2014
      This subject always makes me think of Albany, NY. I have had to change there
      several times when going between Montreal (or occasionally Vermont) and Chicago
      or Ohio, and if one goes by train there's quite a long wait. The first time I
      did this I alighted at the Amtrak station, which is within sight of downtown,
      and started to walk around, but gave up because the only access seemed to use a
      major highway. There is a bus service but I was worried about being able to get

      There was a supermarket close to the station so I stocked up there and returned
      to the station to wait. On a subsequent trip I found that this supermarket had

      On more recent visits I have tended to use Schenectady station to change trains,
      or to catch a bus to/from Albany if I was going to/from Montreal or Vermont by

      Simon Norton