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19962Paul Krugman's Math on Sprawl

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jul 27, 2013
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      =v= Paul Krugman has been writing about sprawl this past week.
      "A Tale of Two Rust-Belt Cities" in particular compares the
      recent fortunes of Pittsburgh and Detroit, and suggests that
      sprawl is what makes the difference:


      Pittsburgh is my hometown, and this accords with what I see
      when I go back (through my carfree, new urbanist lenses).
      The stuff that thrives is all around urban infrastructure
      that still stands from the city's glory days.

      =v= Krugman usually finishes up his week with a music video,
      but in keeping with the week's theme he got himself stuck in
      traffic and didn't update his blog until late. Before posting
      the video, though, he addresses the impressions motorists have
      of their own speed and imagined speed and does some math:



      P.S.: I'm using the URLs shortened for Twitter because in
      theory you should be able to read those without contributing
      to your monthly free limit of _NY_Times_ stories.