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19958RE: [CF] Doors and forgetting

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  • James & Ute Grayson
    Oct 21, 2012
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      A 'car' is a capsule that is unlike the 'real world' outside the car.
      Passing through the door (of the car) is the most convenient way of entering
      the capsule. If one were to hop over the top of the windows of an open
      convertible, the same concept would be present...providing the occupant was
      now surrounded by front, rear, and side windows, or sitting low within the
      body of the car.

      Ideas, information and concepts that were (only) important when not in a
      car-capsule, may not be significant to that same person now isolated within
      the capsule.

      As cyclists, we may think it very important for motorists to stay out of the
      bike lane; as a motorist, it does not seem to be nearly so important.


      From: Jym Dyer, Sunday, October 21, 2012 9:51 PM

      =v= So, does getting into cars through car doors have the same effect?
      Making people forget how to behave as if there are other people on the road,
      in the world, and such?

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