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19935Re: [CF] Re: Transit Benefit Reduction

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  • Jym Dyer
    Nov 23, 2011
      > I usually swap the transit checks and use it for my bicycle
      > expenses. Here in Manhattan, only 20% of us even have cars.

      =v= Yeah, the bike benefit is only $20/month, and you can't
      combine it with the transit benefit (it's one or the other).
      That said, $20/month would've covered my Brooklyn/Manhattan
      commute expenses (which are of course higher in the winter).

      =v= On the opposite coast, bikes aren't allowed on most Bay Area
      bridges, so the minimum cost for a San Francisco/Oakland commute
      is a BART ride from Embarcadero to West Oakland. This tallies
      up to just under the reduced transit benefit, and most of the
      trip is by bike.
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