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19931Re: [CF] Why does my car-free handyman business scare away news media?

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  • Kelley C Smith
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Here's a thought. It's always a little murky when a "news" outlet covers
      a business. How to draw the line between reporting and advertising?

      I don't know the particulars.....but they ma have a hard time
      distinguishing between the two, and they may be deluged with press
      releases from large businesses that are, in reality, advertising.


      On 9/1/11 6:01 AM, Jim Gregory wrote:
      > Could it be they have too many other things related to Earth Day to
      > cover you on that particular day?
      > What is your approach? How and when are you pitching them?
      > I don't know of any of the carfree businesses we've dealt with have
      > had trouble getting on TV. We've been on TV several times ourselves
      > without even trying :).
      > -Jim
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      > Jim Gregory
      > Bikes At Work Inc. www.bikesatwork.com
      > 129 Washington Ave, Ames, IA 50010 515-233-6120
      > ----- Joseph Carrillo <josephwcarrillo@...
      > <mailto:josephwcarrillo%40yahoo.com>> wrote:-----
      > > Even on an earth day event I could not get the TV news to show up
      > even though I had asked them way before the event. I want to show
      > other businesses that you can run a business without a car. I have
      > also heard rumors that homeland security is protecting the oil
      > companies, and I am wondering if this could be the reason the news is
      > shy of me. I have also heard that people who filmed or promoted the
      > documentary Gasland against oil companies ended up on the terror watch
      > list such as Mark Ruffalo or Josh Fox. My handyman business uses bike
      > and public transit and also uses a 4 wheeled bicycle to carry larger
      > tools.
      > >

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