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19927Re: [CF] Why does my car-free handyman business scare away news media?

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  • Jim Gregory
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Could it be they have too many other things related to Earth Day to cover you on that particular day?

      What is your approach? How and when are you pitching them?

      I don't know of any of the carfree businesses we've dealt with have had trouble getting on TV. We've been on TV several times ourselves without even trying :).

      Jim Gregory
      Bikes At Work Inc. www.bikesatwork.com
      129 Washington Ave, Ames, IA 50010 515-233-6120

      ----- Joseph Carrillo <josephwcarrillo@...> wrote:-----

      > Even on an earth day event I could not get the TV news to show up even though I had asked them way before the event. I want to show other businesses that you can run a business without a car. I have also heard rumors that homeland security is protecting the oil companies, and I am wondering if this could be the reason the news is shy of me. I have also heard that people who filmed or promoted the documentary Gasland against oil companies ended up on the terror watch list such as Mark Ruffalo or Josh Fox. My handyman business uses bike and public transit and also uses a 4 wheeled bicycle to carry larger tools.
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