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19913Re: [CF] One BIG drawback to car-free living

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  • mary_ann_short
    Jul 30, 2011
      I suppose different areas of the country and different car rental
      companies have different practices. I'm in a small town in Southern
      California. The one time I rented a car, I had the option of using the
      car rental company's insurance, for an additional small per-day
      charge, or depending on my own insurance, which is what I did. (I kept
      my auto insurance when I went carfree ten years ago. Maybe
      unnecessary, but I'm not a gambler.) The rental representative told me
      that no dogs were allowed in the car but that she didn't care what I
      put in the car as long as she couldn't tell when I returned it.
      I also once used the Craig's List ride-share noticeboard. A nice man
      picked up me and my little dog and delivered me to my out-of-the-way
      doorstep. Craig's List might have been the way to get you to your
      seminar. Other people would have been going, and you might have hooked
      up with them that way. Or maybe you could have contacted the
      conference organizers to see if they had suggestions or contacts.
      As for camping, do you have a bike? I load up my bike and about three
      hours later I'm at little-used Los Padres campground in the mountains.
      It's in a grove of California bay trees, with a year-round stream.

      On Sun, Jul 24, <theamazingbiff@...> wrote:
      > ... When I sold the car one of the first thing I did was to take great pleasure in cancelling my car insurance. What a cash vampire that's been!.... I hit a brick wall, however, when I wanted to go out of town to a seminar a couple hours away. Renting a car was cheap enough, but every rental company I talked to insisted on charging me a non-refundable $100 for insurance. In this case, transportation tripled the cost of the event before I even filled up the tank....
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