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19909Re: [CF] Re: One BIG drawback to car-free living

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  • Whitney Turner
    Jul 29, 2011
      At 09:59 AM 7/29/2011, John wrote:
      >Is it possible to carry auto insurance and not own a car? I don't
      >know about all states, but in Texas your auto policy also covers you
      >while on a bicycle. It might be cheaper to carry such a policy over
      >getting dinged $100 a pop while renting.

      I've carried said "non-owner" insurance here in Florida before - it's
      simple liability (and PIP, where applicable) insurance; cost based on
      your demographic information and personal driving record.

      >Another thought is what if you rented with an American Express card?
      >I thought they had an option that covered car rentals.

      They are a secondary carrier in that instance, you still need primary
      insurance. I use it myself and it save a pile of money on every
      rental of more than one day duration.

      >Last question, how do the rental companies KNOW you don't have
      >insurance? Whenever I've rented I've just declined the insurance they
      >offer and drove off. I never had to prove I was insured.

      Rental companies don't have to know. If you're involved in a crash
      without insurance you'll remember why you should have had it for a
      very long time. I still remember, and that was 1986....

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