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19901Re: [CF] Feeeel the Earth Heeeal! (Episode #9337)

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  • Jym Dyer
    May 3, 2011
      > Offer is valid in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Because hey,
      > where better to provide more car use than in 2 of the
      > most carfree counties in the U.S.?

      =v= Just to put this into perspective, consider the data from
      New York City (PDF format):


      Notice how things start to increase in 2003, which correlates
      with a grassroots push for better conditions by the city's
      Critical Mass community. The environmental group Time's Up!
      organized the month-long BikeSummer 2003, and Transportation
      Alternatives, the more mainstream group, has done "Bike Month"
      every year since. With all of us working for the same goal,
      we have steadily increased bike ridership.

      =v= We got a very sharp increase in more recent years, once
      the city hired a good Transportation Commissioner who put in
      a lot of bike infrastructure, particularly in those same two
      boroughs/counties. We have tripled ridership citywide in
      eight years, and the numbers are even higher in Manhattan
      and Brooklyn.

      =v= So, naturally, Zipcar wants to get all these new riders
      into SUVs.
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