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  • justice99645
    Mar 2, 2010
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      OK, I need to comment on this..

      I'm not a big fan of the oil companies or GM BUT.. that one wasn't their fault.

      The GM conspiracy wasn't to put buses on the roads, just to manipulate what buses and equipment were being used; the Bradford-Snell conspiracy theory was soundly debunked by Adler years ago, but an enterprising sixth grader with a timeline could have seen that the theory wasn't panning out.

      The loss of the Red Cars wasn't because some moustache-curling black hat wearing CEO had an evil plan ala Roger Rabbit. Rather, it was because the Red Cars hit the end of their serviceable life with no money available to repair them, and a host of suburbs blocking any attempt to get them the needed funds.

      The same story played out in cities around the world where GM was nowhere in sight. It failed to play out in a couple of cases - such as Melbourne - simply because those cities had been so slow to put tram lines in that when other cities were ripping them out in favor of shiny streetcars, they still had new systems with lots of life ahead of them.

      Second, I don't see the fascination with hydrogen; it's no solution. Hydrogen cells are just a variation on a battery, with a theoretical 33% loss rate; you'll still need to invest in the power plants to generate the 10+ Tw of power needed every day by today's traffic to zoom about in their massive vehicles on a lark.

      Maybe we should follow the Sierra Club' suggestion in that regard and invest heavily in nuclear power plants, but most people tend to react badly to that idea. The usual solution thus far has been to rely on coal plants, and that would create a noteworthy net increase in pollution/CO2 emissions per capita.

      Seriously, where do you think hydrogen comes from? The hydrogen fairies?

      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, Bill MacLane <billmaclane@...> wrote:
      > Just like big oil and Harvey Firestone (the tire guy) schystered all the
      > cities out of their electric trollies and added their stinky busses to
      > pollute the air and cause congestion in the cities. IF big oil and some
      > others were out of the picture or used their brains instead of greed we'd
      > have hydrogen fuel cells running all the cars and probably one large one in
      > every neighborhood powering houses; no pollution; no electirc gird.
      > Bill
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