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  • Joseph Carrillo
    Jan 1, 2010
       A driver's license is not a necessity, and you need a car to get one. All states that use a driver's license for ID also issue state ID's to non drivers. But usually jobs that require a driver's license mean for driving purposes, not ID and some require you to own your own truck. I see plumbing jobs all the time that say "must have your own truck and tools. But what if you have tools, and a tool carrying bicycle with 4 wheels which carries as much as a truck? Or what about tools and horse drawn carriage, that seems as if it should work for plumbing.

      From: AnnaLisa Wiley <carfree@...>
      To: CarFree@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tue, December 29, 2009 11:57:33 AM
      Subject: [CF] drivers license

      I understand that some do not want to have a drivers license on moral
      grounds and your state requirements may be tougher than ours. That said, I
      see no reason for an adult to not have a drivers license as a means of
      identification and proof that we know how to use the streets responsibly.
      (Whether we do or not is a different issue.) California has included more
      questions regarding bicycles on our driving tests and continues to increase
      pressure on motorists to drive safely around bicycles.

      What irritates me is that when I gave up my car, I had to reapply for my
      disabled parking placard. The disabled placard allows me to take my trike
      into the Farmer's Markets and the County Fair and also gives me reduced fare
      on the busses.

      Which brings up another point... many disabled people are necessarily
      car-free and are strong proponents of alternative transportation. Linking
      with them increases political clout.

      Just sharing thoughts...


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