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19639New Guy, 2nd try

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  • g_keagle
    Nov 4, 2009

      1. Which of the following best describes you? Please check one.

      _X I own a car but use other forms of transport frequently

      2. How long have you been either car-free or used non-automotive
      transport as your principle means of transportation?

      25+ years

      3. What inspired your decision to reduce or end your reliance on the

      Fuel Cost

      4. What factors have either impeded or inspired your decision to reduce
      your reliance on automotive transport?

      Improved Health

      5. Has your transportational choices had any discernible effect on your
      family and friends?


      6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being car-free and/or
      getting around without using a car?

      Many savings, good health

      7. Do you typically feel comfortable recommending car-free living to
      your friends and/or relatives?

      Why or why not? Yes

      8. Have you experienced any adverse consequences of reducing or
      eliminating your automotive dependency with regard to time and finances?


      9. Have there been any benefits?


      10. In an ideal world, what role should the car play in the general
      transportation system?

      I know of no ideal world, thus I bike

      11. Do you have any other personal or general thoughts you've care to
      share on this topic?

      Only those at the top of the page

      12. Where do you live (city, state, country)?

      Des Moines, IA USA