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  • John Likeness
    Sep 27, 2009
      Here are my profile answers;

      1. I do not presently own a car though I have owned cars previously.

      2. I have been car free for over 3 months.

      3. I decided to do away with my car when I realized that if I didn't have to support my car, I could quit my job! I have felt the tension and pressure from the job and commute drain from me.

      4. I have been inspired by the amount of money I don't have to spend, and by the health benefits I've accrued in a mere 90 days of bike riding! I've lost a pants size and a shirt size; I don't get winded as easily; I sleep better and I have fewer aches and pains. I also get to spend healthful time with my nephews; we bike all over the county. The down side of being car free--I have a mobility impaired parent who was dependent on me for rides, however, she has come to enjoy the independence she has gained by using public transit.

      5. For the most part the impact on my family has been positive, as noted above.

      6. The advantages I've discovered so far, along with the health benefits noted above, I've found time--time to be a part of my family and attend the kids games and practices, part of my community and local government, and time to indulge long differed hobbies and persue knowledge for the joy of it. I've also learned patience and time management both cycling and using the bus/train. The downside, so far, has really only amounted to dealing with drivers not sharing the road with bicyclists.

      7. Rather than recommending giving up the car to friends and family, I merely tell them what I've done in the course of conversation; tell them how I feel and let them draw their own conclusions. I do it that way because I've found nothing so annoying as an evangelist for anything--plant the seed and let it grow, rather than beat them into "conversion".

      8. The only adversity I've encountered so far has been a limit on how far from my home I can entertain notions of working. And that has turned out to be no adverse consequence at all. Financially, I've found a windfall, without car payments, insurance and gas and oil, I've found $350.00 not spent.

      9. As stated above, I've lost weight, gotten in better shape, and have more money with less work involved. I have time to do as I want, and I can actually say I am doing something to make the world a better place for my having been in it.

      10.In my ideal world the car would become an example and a monument to the pursuit of an idea to an absurd extreme.

      11. I'm happy to be a part of the future of our communities and to be an example for the upcoming generations.
      12. I live in Paso Robles, California, USA.
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