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19507Obama's GM ad

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  • Tom Frost Jr.
    Apr 2, 2009
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      I think I need to buy earplugs or something to protect my hearing. That's how deafening the list incrowd's pin-drop silence has been in the days since their favorite President of the United States went on TV and did an ad (an official one, on a regular news program - a double-take revealed that that's what it was and that it _wasn't_ a George Orwell or Jay Leno film!) about how his administration will honor the warranty of your GM car.

      What a pity it is that this 'pooter failed to load the disc from the film from Election Day that I'd finally gotten around to getting developed the other day. But I have the _print_, to show to my buddies here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, of the photo from that roll that shows me at the polling place with my "Gun-clingers for McCain" sign, proving that _I_ am not responsible for the above abomination.

      - TF