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19450Re: [CF] Car vandals

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  • Mari Lea
    Mar 1 7:12 AM
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      I agree that personally destroying property is not a right way or efficient way of protest, but...  I would privately cheer any Hummers that went up this way.  As long as no one was injured.

      On a side note.  Last summer there was a rash of car vandalism in our town.  The police said it was like someone ran down the street with a piece of metal and scrapped all the cars.   This is what I found interesting. 
      1. Only wealthy neighborhoods were hit.
      2. Only cars parked on the street.  As long as you were on private property the car was not touched, even if it was out in the open.
      3. The tire slashing was done only to SUVs

      The police never arrested anyone.   But I have to wonder now if that was a protest  of sorts.

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      Subject: [CF] Car vandals
      To: "Carfree" <carfree@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 6:36 PM

      First off, under no circumstances do I advocate violence or property


      I do wonder as the economy continues to slide and more people are forced

      from their cars, will we see more of this?

      http://www.bloomber g.com/apps/ news?pid= 20601109& sid=auZeM63nrgzo &refer=home



      John Mayson <john@mayson. us>

      Austin, Texas, USA

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