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19100Re: [CF] riding with your laptop

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  • Enci
    Nov 15, 2008
      > > Okay, I have a question on this: how does one approach carrying
      > > their laptop in their bike pack?")
      > >
      > >********Answer to carring Laptops and fine art peices********
      > >
      > > For delicate instruments like a laptop or fine art pieces, a
      > > motto to remember is- patience and persistence.

      I carry my laptop with me quite a lot in my messenger bag and a lot
      of my friends here in LA carry their laptops as well. I never
      dropped anything nor did I hit anything with my bag, so I don't worry.

      The only thing to remember when you carry your laptop, is to have
      something between it and your back, otherwise you will hurt your spine.

      Also, don't carry liquids in the same compartment as your laptop.

      Happy riding,

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